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Assembly process and operation mode of gantry crane

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Gantry crane in the usual work is very common, before it is installed, the environment should be sorted out, while the various parts of the equipment for detailed inspection.

After all ready, first through the crane door crane girder in accordance with the order of the instructions hoisted in place;

Then install the big wheel box on the track of the big car, be sure to find the diagonal firm.

Then one side of the gantry crane leg and wheel box device is firmly fixed, and adjusted with wire rope and manual hoist fixed on a solid ground anchor.

Install the other leg in the same way, and make sure both legs are accurate.

Then the gantry crane girder and leg between the solid, and the lifting trolley device on the trolley track, and to adjust the gap to the ideal state.

After all the devices are installed, they can be tested, and only when everything is correct can they start operation.

The operation of gantry crane is relatively simple, there are driving operation, ground line control operation and remote control operation of three different ways, the specific use of which kind of operation mode depends on the specific situation of gantry crane.

The driving mode of operation is by the operator in the cab of gantry crane to complete the operation, it is now the middle of the gantry crane bridge basic height, the Angle of operators and the line of sight, actions are subject to certain restrictions, such as safety, thus making it easier for the lifting job also need more equipped with a ground commanders to assist with homework.

While the ground line control operation mode only requires the operator to complete the corresponding operation directly on the ground through the control handle connected to the gantry crane. Although there is no excessive restriction on the operation of the operator, the distance between the operator and the goods being hoisted is shortened, which increases the personal safety risk.

By contrast, the more secure is the remote control operation mode, through the remote control, operators can be separated from a certain distance to control the gantry crane, not only the line of sight, perspective, etc. will not be affected, not easy to be affected by the hook, lifting objects and other sudden accidents.

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