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Beam crane operation steps

With cab

Into the cab, first of all to close the door lock, turn on the power, test run. According to the requirements of the ground command staff, the hook will be running on the top of the hanging material, and so on after all the staff of the ground, the jogging or moving position operation button, according to the command lifting or hanging (Note: In the reference plane 50mm and no abnormal state to normal lifting). In the horizontal movement must be coordinated with the ground command, and the hanging material is higher than the obstacle 200mm or more. In the fall when the hanging object from the base plane 100mm should be jog button to ensure that the object down smoothly.

No cab

First close the power, and then put the hook to the hanging material. According to the lifting requirements, the correct operation of the command button. After the end of the job should be raised to a safe height, the machine docked in place, turn off the power switch.