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Cantilever hanging rules for workshop

Cantilever hanging rules for workshop

Check items before work

1.the operator should be trained and qualified, qualified personnel to operate the cantilever crane.

2.operators should be familiar with the structure, performance and operation method of the crane, and forbid overloading.

3.the operator should check whether the starting button is in the stop position before the use, and whether the electrical and mechanical parts are safe and easy to use.

4.before lifting the workpiece, the empty car should be started to carry out empty load operation.

Empty car inspection items

1.button reliably control the lifting and running of the hoist?;

2 .here is no abnormal sound and odor when running;

3.wire rope be correctly winded on the coil barrel?;

4.hook pulley group rotation is flexible, no exception;

5.lifting and hoisting bundled wire rope and other slings shall not be damaged.