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Crane Maintenance

1. lifting and hoisting equipment factory, to make identity records. Before installation check and maintenance: check the integrity of major equipment performance, check the main steel structure and connections for visible defects and pins, bolts, check the anti-corrosion of surface, formation records, issued by the installation.
2. lifting and hoisting equipment as a free maintenance. Equipment after delivery, routine maintenance operation by the device drivers or use units of full-time staff responsible for installation and maintenance the unit responsible for the daily maintenance of supervision and inspection obligations. Routine maintenance the main content section as "cross method": clean, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and corrosion. End of the class, the class 10-30 minutes a day, visited the equipment parts, each part is normal, lubricate as required, note the machine sounds are normal, clean work and shift work, to meet neat in appearance and purpose of functioning, maintenance records and take notes of shift to make a fixed form and as a file management.
3. lifting equipment to professional medical regularly. Periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment in use: within the prescribed time for mechanical equipment maintenance and repairs on several occasions, to cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and disassembly, repair-centric content. Jointly by the maintenance personnel and operators to complete.