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Cranes home and abroad development trend

1. micro hoist appeared in large numbers. Representative Japan Komatsu. The company launched the mini cranes, mini crane road while ability and special telescopic frame technology as a whole, have the function of tower cranes, across the roof and other obstacles work, can replace a small self erecting tower cranes or large folding-arm truck-mounted cranes.
2. the telescopic structure improving. On behalf of the enterprise for Germany the Liebherr company, the company launched LTM1090/2 (90t) and LTM1160/2 (160t) AT product, using containing "Telematik" automatic single cylinder telescopic system of oval-section main boom. The oval-section main boom reduce the structural weight and improved lifting performance with good results.
3. the mixed type crane developed. Is the representative of Germany German horse Teck Corporation, biaxial AC250 Dematic cranes, used crane industry with many new design concepts, breaking the traditional mode, using hydrostatic transmission, with a swooping arm, the whole structure is compact, has the function of a machine.