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Domestic demand for cranes in construction site

Bidding for large equipment, price is not the primary issue considered equipments to meet their own needs is the most important, so have to locate it yourself first when purchasing equipment, to meet their own needs at the same time, taking into account the cost, cost similar prices. Purchase the program first lengthy exchange with manufacturer, and then compared the performance to all manufacturers of products, reported to the Ministry of Commerce approved the purchase plan, began to issue a notice, in the wake of the vendor, but also technology.
A petrochemical construction company has more than 80 companies, which engaged in hoisting specialist has more than 10 enterprises. Since 2000, the Group began large-scale importation of large and super large cranes, more than the tonnage of 50t lane. As a user, see is fast, convenient, and efficient, the focus of other technical aspects are not taken into account. Recently, will also buy more cranes to further enhance market competitiveness. Through internal resources and intensive manner, on the basis of the existing large hoisting equipment to improve the utilization rate of equipment, to the Crane Group of high-end market.