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Introduction of various mobile cranes

1, crane truck crane: crane Truck Crane in English domestic QY, such as QY20/20t truck crane (car). Crane will be installed on general purpose or special purpose vehicle chassis performance equivalent to the same vehicle chassis on the total weight of the truck, in line with technical requirements for road vehicles, which can be used in all kinds of passage on the road. Such cranes are available both on and off the control room, homework stretched out a leg that is necessary to maintain stability. Weight range is large, from 8 ton ~1000 ton, the chassis number of axles, available from 2~10. Is the largest and most widely used type of crane.
2, mobile crane mobile crane (RTG) Rough Terrain Crane, no domestic mobile crane (RTG). Lifting part of the installation of a specially designed pneumatic tyre chassis of cranes. On and off with one engine, speed no more than 30KM/H, the width of the vehicle is also wider, it would be inappropriate to driving long distances on the highway. With no leg lifting and hoisting function applies to the freight yard, dock, site moved from a limited number of places, such as crane operations. Because there is no leg lifting and hoisting accidents often occur, cancellation of the domestic each big company has gradually lifting hoist function.
3 was developed in the 70 's, off-road mobile crane a crane, hoist function similar to the mobile crane, or no leg lifting and hoisting. The difference is that the chassis structure and unique chassis structure of the road to improve performance. Crane engine is installed in the chassis, the chassis has two axles and four large-diameter cross-country tread tires.