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Port crane installation team should be carefully chosen

The installation of port cranes is the first step in use, and customers who choose the lifting equipment will enjoy professional installation and commissioning services. Of course, many friends on the market can not cooperate with the original manufacturers because of some reasons, so they need to hire their own installation team, in the choice of cooperation team must be careful.

Talk to you about the installation team.

First of all, the installation unit must be a professional team of special equipment installation (maintenance) safety certification issued by the provincial quality and technical supervision department, and has the installation qualification to install the corresponding lifting weight.

Secondly, the installation unit is determined, to assist the installation unit for special equipment operating report before installation, construction organization plan, and check whether the installation team of installation equipment, installation procedures and technical requirements, the installation process hidden works acceptance records, reports to meet the requirements.

Finally, after installation, we should supervise the installation unit to conduct comprehensive self test and operation test, load test, confirm the self-test qualified, declare special equipment inspection institutions for installation and acceptance. After acceptance of the "safe use permit", it can be put into use.

In addition to the installation team to be careful about the choice, we remind our customers, crane acceptance after installation of all the data must be stored as important technical information, for the future maintenance and maintenance is an important reference.