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Precautions of beam crane

Operators in any case to comply with the "ten hanging" principle, to prevent violations of the accident. Before lifting, make sure that no moving or standing in the moving area. Take the correct posture hook, pay attention to check whether the hook is secure and reliable, hook the staff to leave the appropriate safe distance and then lift. To enhance the speed, height should be appropriate, mobile should be slow and smooth. Lifting operations, the driver and the ground command to do with, as far as possible to lift, walking speed and stop consistent, and the scene can only one command, not two cross at the same time command. 

Night lifting operations should have adequate lighting. Lifting operation, must be carried out according to the provisions of the load, is strictly prohibited overload operation. Suspension of heavy objects below the station is strictly prohibited, traffic and work. Lifting process occurred in the rope breakage, hanging material fall and other dangerous situations or failure, it should be shut down in time, did not find out the cause and troubleshooting, shall not continue to hoisting operations. In the working state, not allowed to carry out maintenance and repair. If the use of abnormal sound, should follow the first stop, after the inspection, troubleshooting and then drive the program....