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Preparation of gantry crane before it construction

Preparation of gantry crane before it construction

Gantry crane  is a horizontal bridge set in the two legs to form a mast shape of a bridge crane. The crane runs on the ground track and is mainly used for handling and installation operations in open storage yards, docks, power stations, ports and rail cargo terminals. In order to improve the installation time of gantry crane, what needs to be done before installation?

1, to check the integrity of the accessories and electrical systems, while the required wood ready;

2, lay the foundation, the low level of leveling and compaction, the relevant specifications to meet the acceptance criteria for construction units;

3, the track beam inspection work, the straightness, level and other measurements;

4, do the work of the staff of the documents to check the work;

5, related tools, installation of technical documents, personal safety assurance and other preparation in advance;

6, issued a written notice of commencement;

7, check the integrity of the equipment;

8, the construction of power, lighting installation and installation work.

Gantry crane attention

1, the weight exceeds the crane rated weight.

2, weight weight is unknown.

3, the signal is unknown.

4, heavy strapping is not strong.

5, open-air operations in six (beam on the five) above the wind and heavy rain, fog and other bad weather.

6, night work lighting is not good.

7, cable lift.

8, serious wear and tear wire rope and some people in the crane or the engine room for maintenance.