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Safety inspection of beam cranes

Beam cranes are to be used to check the vertical posts on both sides of the load, whether the load-bearing beams are significantly deformed, tilted, cracked or connected. Electrical connection lines are aging, broken phenomenon, whether the connection is strong, insulation is intact. Check whether the wire rope is distorted, thinner, elongated and broken wire to meet the retirement conditions. Check the pulley, hook, shackle Shaft, anti-decoupling device, etc. whether there is serious wear and tear deformation. Check whether the lifting limiter is normal. There is a cab to check whether the cab door controller is sensitive and effective, the control button press, bounce is normal, check the cab operating system is safe and effective. Check the horizontal brake system is valid and reliable. 

Before use, check whether the connection parts are firmly connected, whether the assembly meets the requirements, and whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Check the size of the hook up and down the system brake is effective and reliable. Before the operation, in the trial operation of the process whether the two ends of the motor whether there is a different speed phenomenon, whether the loosening of the rails, if there should be immediately stop, until the problem is resolved before the traffic, is strictly prohibited disease operations.