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Safety is important when using a cantilever crane

Hanging crane is an industrial component, the main purpose is to lift some heavy, large span machinery and equipment. Now the suspension arm to the crank arm type, wall type, Longmen type, mobile and arm line. Widely used in industrial production, because of high efficiency, energy saving, easy to save, easy to operate features.

However, in industrial production, accidents often occur, how to avoid it?

Before operation, check its wire and switch, if there is a problem, to timely maintenance, when the power switch is closed, you can leave. In the operation process, attention should be concentrated, both hands on the switch, in order to brake in time, while not doing some other things, when trying to lift, whether smooth and safe. No overload. In hoisting, we should pay attention to the height, should be more than people high, otherwise prone to physical collision phenomenon. When not used, the swing arm crane should be placed in the safe place, not impede the other lifting equipment running route, more not allowed to park at will, otherwise will be punished according to the violation of operating procedures.

How to use the suspension arm attention far more than these, in the work to be a conscientious person, will avoid some accidents.

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