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The Features of Mobile Boat Hauler Slipway Hoist

Boat hoist can undertake the design and manufacture according to the different requirements of customers, it is mainly used for water boat launching, lifting and other condition, can satisfy different boat lifting easily and quickly move between maintenance, repairs or factory work, safety and reliability is very strong.

The upper structure is a double gate "U" type connecting frame so as to meet the smooth water inflow, water discharge and hoisting of different boat types in the dock or the factory.


F USES soft and solid lifting belt to lift the bottom surface of the boat evenly, without causing damage to its surface and structure;

F hydraulic steering system adopts oil cylinder or turbine worm control.

F steering mode: direct, oblique, 90 degrees in the same direction, eight words;

It is convenient and flexible to carry the boat on shore, and can quickly arrange the boat arrangement in a single arrangement, effectively saving space.

F can be transposition according to the different length of the boat

F this machine belongs to the non-standard equipment is to bring power, multi-point lifting, all-hydraulic transmission mode.

In the application of small tonnage type transporter, we can design an economical all-electric driving mode according to the customer's requirements and actual use environment.