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Tower crane when lifting requirements

(1) the working process, there must be a special command, someone to take care of the power, hydraulic system of special operations, someone to dismantle and install bolts. Non-workers get on top of the platform. Control room should be restricted to one man operation, you must follow the command signal.
(2) movements should be carried out during the day, special circumstances during the night operation, there should be adequate lighting.
(3) wind in grade and above may not be working. Sudden increases in wind in the job when the grade is reached, must immediately stop and tighten the bolts of the upper and lower body.
(4) should relax before the lifting cable, its length should be greater than total lifting height and fastened good cable reel. Drop it time to tighten cable.
(5) lifting Shi, must adjustment good top rose sets frame wheel and Tower body standard section of clearance, and should by provides makes lifting arm and balance arm in balance State, and will Rotary institutions brake live, dang Rotary Taiwan and Tower body standard section Zhijian of last a at connection bolt (PIN) demolition difficult Shi, should will its diagonal direction of bolt again insert, again take other measures. Not to rotate the lifting arm moves to loosen bolt (PIN), if rotating boom because of bolt disassembly difficult to loosen the bolts of the wrong practices, will destroy the lifting arm balance and cause a rollover accident.