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Wire rope wear introduction

1, inner wear
In the course of using, after wire rope drum or pulley under all the load on one side of the wire rope, the radius of curvature of thin steel wire cannot be exactly the same. Also, due to the bending of wire rope, wire rope thin steel wire can be produced with each other within the force and slippage, the contact stress between the unit and the unit increases, an adjacent unit wire between the local deep indentation. When cyclic tensile bending in a deep recess stress concentration and was broken, constitute internal wear. Usually fine steel wire rope surface pressure and the pressure is proportional to the tension in the same circumstances, due to the bearing area is different, the pressure per unit area is also different. Judging from the surface compression wear, using linear contact lay wire rope than the use of point-contact wire rope good facial contacted wire rope better than linear contact lay wire rope. In addition, the degree of bending of steel wire ropes, velocity, all affect the internal wear on the wire rope. Obviously, the selection line contact or contact type of wire ropes are effective ways to reduce internal corrosion.
2, deformation and wear
Wire rope due to vibration, collision damaged is called deformation and wear, which is a phenomenon of the wear. Such as wire rope on drum surface from other impacts, crane hoisting wire rope wrapped around each other, or because of the pulley and the drum Centre deflection phenomenon of rope, rope deformation and wear. This deformation and wear due to local compression deformation, which stretches on both sides of the wire cross-section in the extrusion Department into a wing shape. From the outside, wire width expanded, although the sectional area of the wire rope is not much, but local extrusion of wire surface material has hardened, easily broken.
3, outer wear
Periphery and in the use of wire rope pulley grooves, drum groups, hook top surface contact and cause wear of the external wear. Externally worn rope diameter is small, peripheral surface of the wire is worn.

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