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Characteristics Of Grab Crane

Characteristics of grab crane

1. improve production efficiency

For example: before the birth of grab crane, port handling slag, 12~16 workers in the cabin, a shovel, a group of two people, each with a big leather bag, with a shovel to shovel leather bag powder, a net net up to 4 tons of goods. Net shovel full, and crane up. A cabin for 8 hours only 200 tons of dry goods. The large ship unloader unloading ore, can discharge more than 2000 tons of ore per hour, greatly improve the production efficiency.

2. improve production safety

For example: before the birth of grab crane, port handling logs, 4~6 workers in Chuancang, first with a small gap section of wire rope in the pile of logs in to wear to wear, surrounded the estimated area, the small rope hanging in the two end of the crane hook, lifting 1~2 meters away, let the log end Alice, wire rope and workers with a 16~28 front end, wire rope and a heavy hook, from a neutral head and lifted the wood pile in left in the past, fast catch the workers on the other side of the wire rope is connected with the hook, otherwise it will fall into the wood pile in the groove, workers have to pull wire rope swing the rope again left, or on the other side of the workers with a long wooden hook tool steel wire rope up, then hook up wire rope on the log...... In this process, the log may roll, hurt workers' hands and feet, and it is possible that the workers are overloaded with logs. The wire rope is broken in the air, and more than ten or dozens of logs fall into the air, which will kill people. Later, Bao Qifan invented the wood grab, which greatly reduced the personal injury accident.