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Classification And Characteristics Of Cantilever Cranes

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Cantilever crane series can be divided into: 1, fixed-column cantilever crane 2, JKBK fixed-column cantilever crane 3, mobile cantilever crane 4, wall-mounted cantilever crane 5, wall-mounted cantilever crane 6, light gantry crane 7, Crank arm type cantilever crane 8, double arm type cantilever crane.

Fixed - column cantilever cranes

Fixed-column cantilever crane, also known as column-type cantilever crane, from the weight of 125Kg-5000Kg, according to customer demand for custom-designed dedicated lifting equipment.

The column-type boom has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, simple operation, convenient operation, flexible operation space and so on. It is energy efficient and efficient material lifting equipment. It can be widely used in factories, factories, production lines, assembly lines and machine tools, Under the work and warehouses, terminals and other occasions heavy lifting. Fixed column arm according to the arm of the different types of steel can be divided into: BZD and BZD-JKBK type.

Mobile cantilever cranes

The machine is more flexible, wide adaptability and other characteristics, is an efficient automatic production line on the necessary emergency emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line unimpeded. Stone technology production of mobile electric arm hanging, the product has a flexible maneuver, wide adaptability and other characteristics, is an efficient automatic production line must be a separate emergency lifting equipment, with it to ensure that the production line unimpeded. From the weight of 125KG to 500KG.

Wall-mounted cantilever cranes

Wall-mounted cantilever cranes, also known as wall hangers, pillar cantilever cranes. Can be divided into: BX-type wall-type arm and BX-JKBK-type wall arm lift weight 125KG to 3000KG. Lifting height of 3 meters.

Wall mounted cantilever cranes

Wall-mounted cantilever crane, also known as the wall line crane, is Kay lifting in the piled cantilever crane on the basis of the development of a new type of material lifting equipment. The machine is mounted on the cement column of the plant, along the track to do the vertical movement, while the electric hoist can be completed along the horizontal movement of the selected arm and vertical lifting. The machine greatly expanded the scope of the operation, more effective use of the plant space, the use of more satisfactory. From 1000KG to 5000KG, lifting height can be customized.

Crank arm type cantilever crane

Crank arm cantilever crane, also known as curved arm crane, with a new structure, flexion freely, flexible operation, energy efficient features. In operation, press the button to lift the load, the use of beam bending and rotary motion, in the control of the work area to avoid the object, so that the work area to maximize. Gently push and pull by hand, you can reach any location in the operating area. The crank arm is suitable for the production or maintenance of machinery manufacturing, railway, chemical, light industry and other industries, especially in the equipment, dense, short-distance lifting, frequent production lines on the application of this product can improve production efficiency. From the weight of 125KG to 500KG.

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