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Classification Of Fixed Base Cranes

Fixed tower crane

Refers to the boom mounted on the top of the vertical tower of the rotary arm type crane. Tower cranes have a variety of specifications, lifting range from 1-15 tons, the height of up to 25-55m, such cranes can be installed on the site work, without any modification can be changed to fixed or for the rise High homework. For some models, especially large, using a spiral, or self-installing measures, can self-elevating or stretching.

Deck Crane

Mounted on the ship deck, used to load and unload cargo jog cranes, this crane is to shorten the ship's turnover, as far as possible to save the time to design and manufacture of goods.

Cantilever cranes

Means that the take-up device hangs on the arm end, or hangs in the crane can be running along the crane, the cantilever can not tilt the boom-type crane.

Fixed cranes are suitable for loading and unloading of various types of groceries in river terminals, ports, freight yard, warehouses and factories and mines, and can be dismounted with other grippers. With a compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on.