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Classification Of Grab Cranes

- Oct 14, 2017 -

The grab crane can be classified according to the type of crane, grab type and driving mode.

Classification according to crane type:

It is divided into bridge grab crane, gantry grab crane, folding arm grab crane. The crane can be divided into single beam grab crane and double beam grab crane, which can unload the bulk of coal, ore and phosphate from cargo compartment to funnel, and then unload to the stacking yard or loading platform by conveyor belt.

bridge-type grab crane

Bridge grab crane for lifting equipment is dedicated for bulk and granular materials.

The conventional configuration of the bridge grab crane: the cab control, the driver room split and closed two. Each mechanism adopts winding hoisting motor and resistance speed regulation. Hoisting equipment grab bridge crane working level: A6, A7, working environment 20 ~+40 C, this model is not recommended for explosion-proof, insulation requirements of the working environment.

Other configurations for crane selection of crane grab bridge crane:

1, grab opening and closing direction with parallel and vertical main beam two;

2. Lifting weight includes grab weight;

3, when the car with rainproof cover, the top limit size is H+h;

4, outdoor cranes and the maximum wheel pressure should be increased by 5%

5, the electric carriage has angle steel and safety sliding contact line two forms to choose;

6, the crane has a standard car and weighing car two options;

7, according to the requirements can be equipped with sugar cane grab, garbage grab, wood grab and other types of grasping tools.

8, grab bucket is divided into: single rope grab, double rope grab, electric grab, target set grab bucket

gantry grab crane

Gantry grab crane is mainly used in outdoor fixed freight yard, for mine, coal, timber and other transportation.

Single beam grab crane and double beam grab crane

Mainly refers to the bridge crane, according to the beam number is divided into single girder grab crane and double beam grab crane. The function is the same as that of bridge grab crane.

Folding arm grab crane

According to the object of loading and unloading are divided into log hanging, sugarcane drop, etc.. But with the development of science, multifunctional grab crane has been developed in our country

According to the classification of grab bucket

clamshell grab crane

To the port, dock, station yard, mine etc. to carry all kinds of bulk cargo, minerals, coal, sand stone, stone and so on, can also be used for rock excavation, foundation ditch excavation, and highway construction, track laying project.

multi bucket grab crane

Waste steel grab applicable to steel and refining work, bulk waste, garbage disposal field and construction waste, refining and handling work, automobile recycling field of automobile disintegration, refining and recycling, bucket teeth can be replaced, and the use of high hardness wear-resistant steel, so as to ensure long service life; valve shell can according to different working environment; the whole closed type valve shell, semi closed type valve shell, shell and side lobe narrow broadside valve shell. The main timber grab for gripping and handling of logs, wood, pipes, drums and other objects of various specifications, can also be a single grab grab, with tower crane, used gantry crane crane. It is suitable for log yard, dock unloading and so on. Straw bale grab is a kind of material handling equipment specially developed for straw power plant, mainly for the unloading, stacking storage and feeding of straw bale. High level of work, to adapt to the power plant straw warehouse working environment humid, dust, frequent use, uninterrupted work needs.

Classification by driving mode

According to the driving mode can be divided into hydraulic grab bucket and mechanical grab two categories.

Hydraulic grab crane

Hydraulic grab bucket itself is equipped with open and close structure, usually driven by hydraulic cylinder, composed of a plurality of jaw plate hydraulic grab, also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic grab bucket is widely used in hydraulic special equipment.

Mechanical grab crane

Mechanical grab bucket itself is not equipped with open and close structure, usually driven by rope or connecting rod external force, according to the operation characteristics can be divided into double rope grab and single rope grab, the most commonly used is double rope grab.

The double rope grab has supporting rope and opening and closing rope, which are respectively wound on the drum of the supporting mechanism and the opening and closing mechanism. Double rope grab has the advantages of reliable operation, simple operation, high productivity and wide application. The two rope is used as the four rope grab bucket, and the working process is the same as that of the double rope grab.

Single rope grab rope and the same rope for opening and closing rope. By special locking device, the steel rope turns to play the role of support and opening and closing. The winding mechanism of single rope grab is simple, but its productivity is low, and it is seldom used in large number of loading and unloading operations.

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