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Composition Of Bridge Crane

Bridge cranes are mainly used for fixed places, such as workshops, warehouses and yard. This is mainly because of the mobility check, bridge crane generally has three major components:

1, the metal structure part:

Mainly used for the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, to withstand lifting weight, weight, wind and size of the brake when the inertia of the brake to stop. For the bridge crane has a horizontal main beam and carts running end beams; for gantry cranes with horizontal girders, carts running beams and legs.

2, mechanical (working body) part:

Hoisting mechanism. It is the most basic of the most important body of the crane, responsible for the rise and fall of goods work.

Car travel organization. So that the lifting of the goods in the direction of the direction of the main beam moving back and forth.

Carts. So that the lifting of the goods in the direction of the car track moving back and forth. Carts and trolleys at the same time with the action, to ensure that the lifting of the goods in the rectangular area of any movement, the goods into the operating area of any one position to meet the operational requirements.

3, electrical equipment:

Including carts and car collectors, protection boards, controllers, resistors, motors, lighting equipment, electrical lines and various safety devices, etc.