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Crane Safety Procedures

1.1 crane drivers are specially trained, qualified by the relevant departments, to certification, operation, personnel lifting equipment without a license is strictly prohibited.
1.2 before lifting, crane driver must check whether the device correctly, cables are in accordance with safety regulations, development, hydraulic equipment and safety devices are complete, reliable, sensitive, and the working parts of the crane is prohibited in spite of running.
1.3 crane driver must cooperate closely with the command staff, obey the command signal command. Operation must be honking. If a command signal is unclear or when an error is found, the driver has the right to refuse to perform work, emergency stop signal from the driver to anyone, must obey immediately, after the Elimination of unsafe, to continue working.
1.4 crane only vertical loads, do not drag load not yet off the ground, to prevent side load.
1.5 lifting cranes full load, prohibition of the simultaneous use of two or more kinds of actions. Rotation of the lifting arm angle not more than 45 °, non-inclined hoists, cranes, and quick movements. Hung drawn object buried into the ground is strictly prohibited, forbidden forced hanging larger objects affixed to the ground.
1.6 crane when working near live wire should be in line with keeping a safe distance, in the biggest range, allow the closest with the transmission line are shown in tables, safe from rain and fog should increase to 1.5 times more than double. Transmission line passing under the crane, crane must be put down.
1.7 crane never overload, if you are using two cranes and lifting heavy objects must be subjected to personal unity of command, two lifting speeds to maintain equal weight of such items shall not be more than two machines allowing a total capacity of 75%. When lashing Sling, should pay attention to the load distribution per car share of the load must not exceed the permissible maximum weight of 80%.