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Crane Sprares And Accessory Maintenance Is Very Important

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Crane Sprares and Accessory The simplest and most important thing is to use the parts provided by the equipment manufacturer as much as possible. The choice of aftermarket depends on two things: availability or cost. Spare parts availability is a key factor in determining the operating efficiency and operating time of any equipment. When the equipment needs to be repaired, some end users only focus on the initial cost of this part. But they forget to consider the real cost of repair and service life. Undue downtime due to poor quality components or related components will increase the total cost of the equipment life cycle.

The following describes some of the daily maintenance of the crane. Seemingly trivial, time consuming, but very important. Remember the old saying: maintenance is not an expense, but profit!

First, how to maintain the hook

1. Before use, the hook must be checked by an experienced assembler.

2. Hook Once you have any of the following conditions, you must stop working and remove the service.

① crack, crack or knock injury

② hook body to reverse deformation of more than 10 degrees

③ latch is damaged or malfunctioning

④ opening more than 15%

⑤ wear more than the original size of 10%

⑥ thermal damage

⑦ unauthorized maintenance

3. Cracks, cracks or bumps are to be repaired by a professional, according to the contour of the hook for longitudinal grinding.

4. If the damaged or removed part causes the overall size to be reduced by 10% relative to the original size, the hook must be replaced.

5. Do not allow repair, alteration or reshaping of a hook by welding, heating, burning or bending unless a permission is obtained from the manufacturer of the hook.

6. When the boom is lifted, make sure that the load-bearing part is on the hook instead of the latch. The sling or lifting device must always be properly installed in the groove of the hook.

7. Do not allow the hook to bear the side load,Crane Sprares and Accessory rear load or point load. These conditions will reduce the strength of the hook and lead to unsafe conditions, the load will make the weight of the hook down as much as 60%

Second, how to maintain wire rope

1. Gloves are required to handle or inspect the condition of the wire rope.

2. The hardened grease in the crevice of the wire rope should be cleaned with a brush to prevent penetration of the lubricant.

3. Do not use solvents to clean the wire rope, may damage the wire rope in the textile or synthetic parts.

4. The full length of the wire rope must be checked.

5. Check the pulley's wear and operating conditions,Crane Sprares and Accessory the defective pulley in the loop can cause premature wear of the wire rope.

6. Use the grease recommended by the manufacturer. Lubrication time intervals, depending on the circumstances, consider proximity to coastal, metallurgical or chemical environments and adverse climatic conditions.

7. All the wire rope has a series of similar broken performance, broken wire, deformation, corrosion, kink, fold, broken, etc., in this case the wire rope should be scrapped.

8. Worn or damaged wire ropes must be replaced only by products recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

9. When replacing the wire rope,Crane Sprares and Accessory the coil must be stopped to prevent the coil from unwinding or dragging too fast.

10. The length of the new wire rope must match the structure of the crane and cover the entire roll.

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