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Crane Sprares And Accessory Periodic Inspection And Color Management

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Personnel working in the Crane Sprares and Accessory industry should know that sling, sling with metal sling and synthetic fiber sling with two categories. Metal sling with a rope sling, chain sling, Crane Sprares and Accessory with sling, etc .; synthetic fiber sling with a rope and a class with sling, and rope and sub-nylon, polypropylene, polyester, High strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber.

Crane Sprares and Accessory sling with periodic inspection and color management

1, Crane Sprares and Accessory sling in each use before the external surface must be checked, and according to its surface quality and hanging weight, choose to use.

2, Crane Sprares and Accessory sling with a quarterly comprehensive inspection (testing) once, the last ten days for the last ten days for the inspection and color cycle.

3, by inspection (flaw detection) qualified Crane Sprares and Accessory sling, respectively, according to the annual four quarters of red, green, yellow, white four colors.

4, Crane Sprares and Accessory sling with the color, designated by the professional departments and personnel to implement the operation.

Crane Sprares and Accessory tools are material handling tools for hoisting or Crane Sprares and Accessory weights, an intermittent obligation to lift heavy objects. Most of the Crane Sprares and Accessory tools in the spreader after the end of the vertical or vertical level of both the obligation of the trip, arrived at the destination after the unloading, and then empty the trip to the material site to complete an obligation cycle, and then the second suspension. In general, the Crane Sprares and Accessory of the tool obligations, reclamation, migration and unloading is followed by the implementation of the obligations of the corresponding institutions are intermittent.

Crane Sprares and Accessory tools are mainly used for handling items, equipped with grab can be transported after the coal, ore, grain and the like bulk material, equipped with Sheng barrels can be lifted steel and other liquid materials. Some Crane Sprares and Accessory tools such as elevators can also be used to maneuver. In some applications, Crane Sprares and Accessory equipment is also a critical operating tool, such as loading and unloading materials in the port and the station crane is a critical tool for Crane Sprares and Accessory tools.


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