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Fixed Pedestal Jetty Crane Also Need Anti-theft Measures

Terminal crane in the general view is a big thing, easy to steal do not go, then why we will hear the stolen event?

According to news reports, the beginning of the year, a terminal staff in the preparation of the operation of the transport terminal loading and unloading crane, found that the crane can not work properly, until he went to the crane to prepare for internal inspection failure, found from the input resistance gearbox 5 running the motor, connecting the crane inside the equipment of the cable was cut to only a cut off the bare interface, the cable inside the cable unaware of the inventory found that the direct loss of about 2 million yuan. After the incident, in addition to suffering from economic losses, the terminal crane's work plan has also been affected, so that staff miserable.

The main loss of the terminal crane is the cable, converted into the amount of money to see the loss is not small, such a stolen case appeared many times, so I remind you of the crane equipment is also the need for anti-theft measures, such as the installation of video surveillance, alarm And so on, do not hold the crane is not a big pirates do not take the mentality.