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Hoisting Machinery Industry Calls For Raising The Technological Competitiveness

First suggest that the relevant government departments to strengthen the lifting transport (material handling) machinery industry's policy guidance and management. Through industry associations for industrial policy, improve the production threshold of hoisting and conveying machinery, the establishment of manufacturing access system, strictly control the production permits, special equipment manufacturing licenses issued, reducing the number of mainframe production enterprises, improve concentration, reduce disorder competition. Strengthen quality supervision and inspection of products, improve product quality.
Second is to establish the scale of production of means of production. National key 3~4 a lifting transport (material handling) machinery group and focus on supporting system of production, increase the intensity of technical transformation, upgrading equipment to ensure product quality, increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, improve market competitiveness. These groups will become China's production lifting transport (material handling) machinery is the main force. To foster a number of fairly Middle backbone enterprises of manufacturing capacity through competition out of a large number of low-level production of small mainframe enterprises.
The third is to cultivate the ability of independent innovation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, secondary innovation and integrated innovation road. Development of our own-brand products, to replace imported products, and exported to international markets and participate in international competition. 2010 25%%-30% products close to or reached international advanced level.