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How To Make Crane Equipment To Maximize Its Performance?

- Sep 04, 2017 -

With the increasing degree of lifting mechanization, the extensive application of equipment not only speed up the construction progress, but also improve the construction quality. As the lifting equipment in the daily use of the process by a variety of factors, it will lead to equipment performance can not be fully developed. What are the issues that we can expect to maximize the performance of our equipment during our day-to-day construction?

Here are some notes:

1.The construction unit should develop a good management of equipment rules and regulations, to maintain a good unit of normal construction order, especially equipment, personnel to mobilize more frequent units, should establish a sound management system information.

2.Crane manufacturers should supervise the relevant staff to implement the equipment maintenance system, as well as safe operation procedures, so as to protect the safety and reliability of equipment and personnel. Many units in the equipment management, there are often re-use and light maintenance concept, it will be easy to plant equipment security risks.

3.Lifting equipment related to the operation of the staff is not standardized, will exacerbate the equipment wear and aging. Some units also do not meet the qualification of the driver, not only led to early damage to the equipment, but also seriously delayed the normal construction period.

4.In order to make the equipment to maximize the effectiveness of long-term, in addition to daily maintenance work, we also need to pay attention to equipment damage parts replacement and repair, etc.can be eliminated when the fault germination to avoid the construction personnel to bring Security threats.

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