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Lifting Tools Long-term Stable And Reliable Operation

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Lifting Tools have a poor working environment, most of them working at high temperatures, high dust, and even in environments containing harmful gases. According to the actual working environment, such as metallurgical crane electrical room to be adopted insulation and dust to increase the cooling fan and other cooling measures.

Inverter general installation environment requirements: the minimum ambient temperature -10 ℃, the maximum ambient temperature of 40 ℃. Studies have shown that the failure rate of the inverter increases with the temperature rise index, the service life increases with the temperature index decreased, the ambient temperature increased by 10 ℃, the inverter life will be halved. Summer is the frequency of the inverter season,Lifting Tools to ensure that the inverter can be long-term stable and reliable operation, the key is the daily maintenance. The following to Huichuan CS700 inverter as an example on the drive Note:

First, the installation precautions

When installing the CS700 series inverter, please note the following: `

2) Install the inverter vertically upwards to allow the heat to circulate upwards. If there are multiple inverters in the cabinet, install them side by side. In the case of installation, please refer to Figure 3-2 to install the insulation baffle.

3) Install the bracket, please use a flame retardant material as a mounting bracket.

4) For metal dust applications,Lifting Tools it is recommended to use the radiator cabinet installation. At this time fully sealed cabinet space as much as possible.

Second, the inverter downtime maintenance

1, carefully monitor and record the inverter touch screen on the display parameters, found abnormal should be reflected immediately.

2, carefully monitor and record the inverter room ambient temperature, ambient temperature should be between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

3, the inverter cabinet door filter should be cleaned once a week; such as the working environment more dust, cleaning interval should also be shortened according to the actual situation.

4, the normal operation of the inverter,Lifting Tools a standard thickness of the A4 paper should be able to adsorb in the door air inlet filter.

5, variable frequency room must be kept clean, should be based on the actual situation at any time cleaning.

6, variable frequency room ventilation, lighting must be good, ventilation equipment to normal operation.

7, the inverter power unit cabinet outlet temperature can not exceed 55 ℃.

Third, the use of inverter downtime Note

1, with a plastic nozzle with a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside and outside the inverter cabinet, to ensure that no dust around the device.

2, check the inverter room ventilation, lighting, ventilation equipment to normal operation.

3, check the inverter cable between the internal cable should be correct and reliable.

4, check the inverter cabinet all the ground should be reliable, no rusty ground.

5, check the inverter bypass cabinet high voltage switch operation should be normal, can be properly closed and broken.

6, the inverter test run is completed, should re-check the internal cable to tighten the internal connection of the drive.

7, six months should be re-fixed a frequency converter internal cable connection of the nut.

8, six months after every six months fastening the internal cable connection of the inverter.

9, the inverter after a long time to resume operation, should be measured inverter (including phase-shifting transformer, bypass cabinet main circuit) insulation, should use 1500V megger. After the test insulation qualified, to start the inverter.

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