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Lifting Tools Safe And Normal Health

We use some lifting products, if the continuous use will cause the motor temperature is too high, or is affected by the Lifting Tools will be too high, so in the case of high temperature, or appropriate use of ring chain electric hoist and other lifting equipment. So what if the temperature is too high for us to check? A little part story is for reference only.

1. See whether overload, long-term overload use will cause the gourd can not be repaired damage.

2. If for overloading, or particularly hot, check whether the motor bearing damage, whether overload work, and other reasons,

3. Also affected by the temperature, also mentioned above,Lifting Tools in the case of exceptionally high temperature, use as appropriate.

In order to ensure the safe and normal survival of hoisting machinery and equipment, some systems are introduced. What are the requirements? 

1, wire rope electric hoist management system applicable to cargo lifts, hoists,Lifting Tools electric hoist and so on.

2, in the Equipment Power Management department set up full-time or part-time engineering and technical personnel responsible for lifting machinery management.

3, must establish the electric hoist hoisting machinery overhaul maintenance, the periodical inspection, the operation, the safety regulation and the handover system and so on rules and regulations.

4, the hoisting machinery must register and set up equipment files.

5, a variety of different specifications models of lifting machinery should be 2、gb6067-85 "lifting machinery safety regulations" Provisions to install the corresponding safety protection devices.

6, the lifting machinery work place must have the sufficient illumination and the crane transportation channel

These rules and regulations just say a part of the article in the following to continue to introduce, but Desch chain electric hoist manufacturers small series hint,Lifting Tools although the system has, but if not follow, on the form of a nominal, it is likely because of the attitude of disdain caused great danger.