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Lifting Tools Tools That Can Lift Heavy Objects

Lifting Tools, its simple words, is a tool that is able to work intermittently and can lift the weight of the tool. Further, it can be said that it is a material handling tool for lifting or lifting weights. So, for it, that is, one of the site products, we should also be what kind of learning? In response to this problem, but also we want to know, the following Xiaobian to give a specific answer.

Cranes mainly include hoisting mechanism, operating mechanism, luffing mechanism, rotary mechanism and metal structure.

Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane, mostly by the hanging system and winch, but also through the hydraulic system lifting heavy objects.

The operating mechanism is used to vertically transport the weight or adjust the working position of the crane, usually consisting of an electric motor, a gear unit, a brake and a wheel.

The luffing mechanism is only equipped with a boom-type crane, the boom is reduced when the amplitude is raised, the amplitude increases,Lifting Tools the sub-equilibrium amplitude and the unbalanced amplitude are two.

The rotary mechanism is used to rotate the boom by the drive means and the rotary support means.

Metal structure is the skeleton of the crane, the main bearing parts such as bridge, boom and mast for the box structure or truss structure, but also for the web structure, and some available steel as a support beam.

1. The height of the crane installation site does not exceed 2000M.

2. Crane working environment shall not have flammable and explosive and corrosive gases.

3. Cranes do not allow the lifting of molten metal, toxic substances and flammable and explosive materials.

4. Crane power for the three-phase AC,Lifting Tools rated frequency of 50HZ, rated voltage of 380V.