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Maintenance Of Grab Crane

- Oct 14, 2017 -

The common faults in grab in use is abrasive wear, according to grab failure forms can be found in the data analysis, the shoot wear loss of work performance of about 40%, due to the bucket body edge wear loss of work performance accounted for about 30%, and as the pulley wear and it component damage loss of work performance about 30%. Thus, it is an important way to improve the service life of grab bucket by improving the abrasion resistance of the pin shaft and sleeve and improving the abrasion resistance of the bucket blade edge. The two are the ways to improve the service life of the grab bucket. There are external factors and internal factors that affect the wear of materials. The external factors include load, sliding speed, hardness and geometry of abrasive. The internal factors include chemical composition, carbide type, microstructure and so on. The external factors are self-evident, and here is not a narrative. In order to improve the service life of the grab bucket, different wear resistant materials should be selected according to the different parts of the grab, and different processing techniques should be adopted, so as to greatly improve the service life of the grab bucket.

Due to the frequent use of grab ship unloader, coupled with the driver's operation level is limited, grab the failure rate is very high, so in the daily inspection process to strengthen these parts of the examination, but also to do these parts of the maintenance work, try to grab the long service life, high productivity. In order to better manage the grab, ensure the production and ensure the safety, according to the personnel composition, working scope and working procedures concerning the use, maintenance and repair of the grab bucket, the following clauses are specially formulated:

The A. value monitor every day should arrange grab refueling; every Monday, Thursday for grab the upper beam part of the gas; if there are special circumstances allowed postponed one day, and put the record on the log book, the second day shift values to be arranged to monitor the gas.

B. driver refueling should meet the standard, to ensure sufficient lubrication; if refueling and not to enter should be recorded in time, and report to the spot inspection personnel or technical staff. Record every refueling record on the run log.

C. the driver should accept the advice of the tanker inspector when refueling.

When the D. driver is operating, the accident such as grab, wipe and collision cabin should be avoided, and the similar events caused by the mistake of operation method should be avoided.

E. the driver should grab the use of real-time observation in the operation process, if it is found that the chain, quick joints wear phenomenon, should be timely refueling; if found to grab other fault or suspected fault should be down to check and timely report, and make record in the log on.

F. inspection personnel should do timely, accuracy and effectiveness of grab spot inspection, in order to strengthen the planning of grab replacement and repair.

The grab fault or suspected fault occurred in G. inspection should be reported to the head of the grab in time and recorded on the check list.

H. spot check personnel should be taken off on the machine, then all the problems in the grab bucket are recorded and signed in the grab management account, and handed to the grab head in time.

In addition to the duty officer, the I. technician should also record the matters needing attention on the duty record during the holidays. The personnel on duty should record the specific situation and processing records on the duty record during the breakdown on duty.

J. catch the maintenance group for each grab overhaul, must do the statistical work (including repair, repair time, repair project encountered difficulties, repair materials summary), special statistical personnel, and recorded in the management area in the grab.

K. grab management accounts and grab counterparts, and in use, repair process to achieve real-time records; grab after repair, grab the head of acceptance and signature.

The L. grab supervisor should do the statistics of the spare grab bucket, update the important parts of the grab in time, and inform the technician in advance if the repair needs to be processed on the aircraft.

The M. grab repair personnel should always keep in touch with the head of the grab when they are in dock repair, and should notify the head of the grab beforehand when it relates to the coordination of the wharf equipment.

N. in grab repair, such as the need to replace parts, should comply with the principle of interchangeable; if the assembly relates to grab other parts in the process of replacing (including repair dock fitter class), should try to avoid the destruction of the original assembly.

During the repair of O., the person responsible for the repair shall urge the repairman to pay attention to the safety, and the repairman shall obey the command of the person in charge of the repair. Focus on repair quality, eliminate rework. To dock repair, should be timely billing, single elimination.

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