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Overhead Crane Energy Consumption, Safety And Environmental Protection

- Oct 20, 2017 -

The importance of Overhead Crane to enterprises, bridge Crane is very important for many mechanical enterprises now, it has a strong position in people's work, it is mainly used in ports or in the dock, as well as mechanical processing and other fields, to a great extent, to replace the ability of people to work, Devices that are indispensable for many units or businesses.

People who generally use Overhead Crane will know that when we are working, there will be a lot of heavy goods to be transported, in the absence of a crane in the case of the use of manpower to work, so that people's efficiency will be low, then if the use of such cranes, there will be a different concept.

A lot of heavy weights will be in a relatively short period of time will be carried out, greatly saving people's manual labor, the realization of a half mechanized production. This equipment is also used in many areas of our country, and the expected time of a project will be closely related to the efficiency of the equipment.

The optimal design of the bridge Crane is an evaluation of complex systems related to many factors, such as electromechanical design, manufacturing process, energy consumption,Overhead Crane safety and environmental protection, and multi-objective decision-making optimization problem with various personnel participation, and its overall requirement is to achieve the goal of economic, environmental and social benefits.

Quantitative analysis can be used to influence the technical factors, and some factors which reflect the process, environmental protection and economy can not be used in numerical expression. For a single universal bridge crane, equipment weight, external profile size, limit size,Overhead Crane speed regulation performance, manufacturing and installation technology (including production to commissioning cycle length), etc. is the evaluation of the design level indicators. But for the series design, in addition to assessing the above indicators, also to assess such as: standardized coefficient (mainly refers to the degree of generalization),Overhead Crane product parameters to meet the conventional requirements of the coverage (mainly refers to the degree of product parameters to meet the requirements of the general, and the design of the series to adapt to the convenience of non-standard changes), the derivation of ( Refers to the comprehensive index of the base product extending to other derivative series and the convenience of modification.

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