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Overhead Crane Manufacturing Process, Energy Consumption

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The optimal design of the overhead Overhead Crane is a multi-objective decision-making optimization problem of the complex system related to the design of electromechanical design, manufacturing process, energy consumption, safety and environmental protection, and so on. The general requirement is that the economy Efficiency, environmental benefits and social benefits of the overall optimal goal.

Factors that affect the technical factors can generally be used quantitative analysis, and reflect the process, environmental protection and economic factors can not or not easy to use numerical values, the need for qualitative analysis. For a single universal bridge Overhead Crane, the equipment weight, profile size, limit size, speed performance, manufacturing installation process (including production to commissioning cycle length) is the assessment of the design level of the indicators. But for the series of design in addition to the assessment of the above indicators, but also assessment, such as: standardization coefficient (mainly refers to the degree of generalization), series of product parameters to meet the needs of conventional coverage (mainly refers to the product parameters to meet the needs of conventional, To adapt to non-standard changes in the convenience), can be derived (referring to the base product to other derivative series extension and modification of the convenience) and other comprehensive indicators.

Some indicators can not achieve direct quantitative assessment, need to use expert ratings, etc., so the assessment indicators have a certain degree of relative accuracy and human factors related to the relative inaccurate (fuzzy).

Overhead Crane is a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of the multi-action Overhead Crane, also known as Overhead Crane. Bridge Overhead Crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, a lifting machine, it can work directly affect the completion of the completion of locomotive maintenance tasks and personal and equipment safety. Here to analyze the common failure of bridge Overhead Cranes and how to eliminate these failures.

Hook is the most of the Overhead Crane used in the Overhead Crane device, it is responsible for the full load of lifting, in the course of the use of hook damage damaged easily lead to major accidents. The cause of the damage caused by the hook is due to friction and overload caused the hook to crack, deformation, damage to the fracture. In order to prevent the hook failure, it is necessary to use the process is strictly prohibited overload lifting, in the inspection process should pay attention to the opening of the hook, dangerous section of the wear and tear, and at the same time to the hook on the regular annealing, Found that crack in accordance with GB10051-88 to give scrapped, determined not to hook on the welding. Special equipment management personnel to check the hook in accordance with the requirements of GB10051-88 to determine whether the hook can be used.

Wire rope in the course of operation, each wire rope force is very complex, because the wire in the rope in different positions, some in the outer layer, and some in the inner layer. Even by the most simple tensile force, the distribution of force between each wire rope is also different, in addition to the rope around the roll Jane, pulley bending stress, wire and wire between the extrusion force, so the precise calculation of its force More difficult, the general use of static calculation method.

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