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Port Cranes Deserve A Good Protection When Encounter The Rainy Days

It is very important to prevent rain from corrosion. Port crane is generally used outdoors, so it is easy for rain in the rain in the slipping condition, in order to avoid the difficulties in the operation of equipment or safety accidents, starting with the crane tire, can be fixed on the skid tyre anti-skid chain, this is done in order to increase the friction between the tire and the the ground, thereby reducing the risk of slipping.

Many users will choose to disable the port crane equipment in the rainy day, with boards and other objects will be covered by waterproof equipment, or directly to the crane into the garage lock, this will cause the crane to distribute a "musty". Generally only moist environment will have a musty, crane musty means too much water into the inside of the device, such as a cab, some cloth, upholstered interior or rubber and other objects are easy to mildew in the moist environment. So in daily use, we must pay attention to often check the crane, and do a good job cleaning, cleaning and other work, in order to prevent the crane has "musty" flavor".

We believe that the safety, outdoor use cranes in rainy days the best disabled, and complete the rainproof measures, even if the recovery operation time to clean water, the port crane maintained in the best working condition, ensure the security and stability of the complete lifting task.