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Port Gantry Crane Industry Development Test

Affected by the macro situation at home and abroad, the port is facing a severe test. According to the analysis of the personage inside the trade, our country port maintains the high speed growth time already to pass by, in the next few years, will possibly face the port the low speed growth phase or even the wandering period.

Since July 2017, the national port growth pattern is still slow, the port cargo throughput monthly foreign trade growth rate to fall faster, 7- growth rate in August fell to single digits, the sharp fall is closely related with the recent situation, China's import and export trade to soft situation. In August, China's import and export volume fell by 11.5%, of which exports fell by 24.4%. Under the control of import and export situation, the container throughput growth of China's above Designated Size ports is slowing down in August. Therefore, the wide use of port cranes in the port yard decreases the natural use rate and reduces the demand. Many manufacturers began to seek solutions to tide over the current market crisis.