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RMG-Gantry Crane Maintenance Is Very Important

China's engineering RMG-Gantry Crane industry is experiencing an extraordinary stage of development, the entire industry in achieving high growth and dips at the same time, but also bear the international and domestic competition and the challenges of the financial crisis.

One, the development of polarization.

Here the so-called polarization, refers to the RMG-Gantry Crane in its large-scale and miniaturization of both the same time to expand development. In recent years, the overall development of the relatively rapid development of China's construction machinery, China's RMG-Gantry Crane industry in the large-scale leap is particularly prominent. In the last year's 2012 Shanghai BMW Show, Zoomlion exhibited the world's largest tonnage all-terrain RMG-Gantry Crane, it also created the lifting capacity of the world's first, the length of the world's first boom, the ability to load the world's first And other three world records. While China's other two engineering machinery giant Xugong and Sany, also launched a lifting capacity of more than 3,000 tons of crawler RMG-Gantry Cranes.

Second, the pace of intelligent technology in the continuous advance.

On the RMG-Gantry Crane's intelligent, technology, and even more humane, the same is the leading domestic RMG-Gantry Crane brand to China. With the development of society, the use of RMG-Gantry Cranes more and more areas, and a lot of space does not support large-scale RMG-Gantry Crane to start work, so this work environment requires special skills or construction of the RMG-Gantry Crane products. For example, I have seen an indoor RMG-Gantry Crane, it has nine telescopic arm, you can in a small environment for lifting operation. It can be said that the telescopic arm structure is improving and the lifting performance of the machine is improved.

The slewing support of the lorry RMG-Gantry Crane (hereinafter referred to as the RMG-Gantry Crane) is an important "joint" of the RMG-Gantry Crane, so its maintenance is very important. So how to maintain the RMG-Gantry Crane's slewing support?

In the implementation of maintenance work, we must first pay attention to the risk of being dragged into the rotary pinion, crushing and cutting risk.

In the implementation of the following tasks, to ensure that the engine to start the necessary rotation and lap action, any maintenance staff are not in the main arm, the car and the wheel between the dangerous area or get off and between the rolling Dangerous area, RMG-Gantry Crane operator (in the driver's room).

1, the RMG-Gantry Crane every time before the work or at least once a week, visual inspection of the rotation support bolts;

2, rotary support for the first time after 100 working hours, should check whether the loose bolts, the first 300 hours of work and then check once; after every 500 working hours to check once; harsh conditions to shorten the inspection interval. If the bolt is found to be loose during the inspection, please stop the construction work and contact the local after-sales service department immediately. It is checked by the factory or professional and technical personnel. Is it immediately disassembled and checked?

3, rotary support in the installation before the first filled with lithium-based grease;

4, replace the bolts, the bolts wipe clean, coated with thread fastening glue after the tightening; in accordance with the operating manual and lifting performance requirements of the use of RMG-Gantry Cranes, or on request regularly check the fastening bolts, you can avoid the bolt fatigue damage Danger;