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RMG-Gantry Crane Reliable Performance, High Efficiency

- Jun 19, 2017 -

RMG-Gantry Crane is one of the most common lifting equipment on the market today. It is widely used in many industrial fields. However, we have many precautions in the installation, use and maintenance of the RMG-Gantry Crane. For example, the RMG-Gantry Crane There are some precautions when installing the wires. So what are the RMG-Gantry Crane installation wire precautions?

1. RMG-Gantry Crane wire in the installation, you can use welding to the wire tube to be fixed.

2. RMG-Gantry Crane to use straight pipe connector to connect the wire tube, tube between the straight pipe joints to be staggered to the distribution. The open-air environment of the crane used in the straight pipe joints and the use of debris and dissolved lead dang plug gap to seal.

3. RMG-Gantry Crane wire outlet port should be lined with wooden casing or rubber, in the open air environment in the use of the crane should be sealed with asphalt and the mouth down bending. If possible, insert the wire tube into the hole of the device. The outlet hole of the operating room should be opened on the side panel and can not be opened at the top.

4. The radius of the RMG-Gantry Crane shall be greater than or equal to five times the diameter of the pipe and all curvature shall be greater than or equal to ninety degrees.

5. When all the wire laying of the RMG-Gantry Crane is completed, use the megger to measure the insulation performance of the entire circuit, to ensure that the three-phase insulation resistance exceeds the specified standard, and the insulation resistance value is not much difference.

The above is on the RMG-Gantry Crane installation wire precautions of a brief introduction, we hope that the purchase of intelligent RMG-Gantry Crane to be properly installed RMG-Gantry Crane wires and components to ensure that the RMG-Gantry Crane performance and reliable, high efficiency.

RMG-Gantry Crane attention

1, heavy objects over the crane rated weight.

2, weight weight is unknown.

3, the signal is unknown.

4, heavy material bundles are not strong.

5, open-air operations in six (beam on the five) above the wind and heavy rain, fog and other bad weather.

6, night work lighting is not good.

7, cable lift.

8, serious wear and tear wire rope and some people in the crane or the engine room for maintenance.

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