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Some Introductions Of The Jetty Cranes

Operation Precautions

It should not be done when one of the following conditions is true:

(1) overload or weight when the object is not clear;

(2) the signal is not clear when not hanging;

(3) bundled, hanging is not strong or unbalanced may cause sliding when not hanging;

(4) hanging material Ken people or floating objects do not hang;

(5) the structure or parts of the impact of safety work defects or damage, such as brake or safety device failure, hook nut structure damage, damage to the rope when the rope is not hanging;

(6) in the case of hidden objects are not hanging when the hanging;

(7) when lifting the weight of heavy goods;

(8) workplace dark, can not see the venue, was hanging things and command signal when not hanging;

(9) rough edges and corners in the bundle between the rope without lining when the hanging;

(10) molten steel (hot metal) when the packaging is too full without hanging.

Environment caused by the failure

(1) due to lightning, gusts, tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes and other strong natural disasters caused by derailment, collapse, tipping and other equipment accidents;

(2) due to crowded crowds, clutter caused by the collision, squeeze the accident;

(3) due to the brightness is not enough and block the line of sight caused by the collision accident.

Operator requirements

1, site selection should be appropriate

Operation should choose a spacious and smooth in the loading site, easy to accident, the timely withdrawal of dangerous areas.

2, fixed point should be established to be stable

Operation to confirm the stability of the foothold: standing on the mechanical equipment and stacked objects hanging on the foot, should pay attention to whether the foot slip and tripping the risk.

3, harmful position should be avoided

Operation should avoid the direction of the role of loss, because the hanging material may fall or slip in operation, asymmetric lifting will produce swing and rotation, hanging material is also running the kinetic energy. Therefore, the operator in the hanging and commanding need to pay attention to avoid these harmful position.