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Summary Of The Illegal Operations Of Port Crane

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Port crane operation found many illegal operations, some operations are not deliberately, but some older employees with new employees will be familiar with the work, some mistakes of their own experience to share out, forming the wrong teaching.

Our staff after a period of summary, will be a number of common port crane irregularities arranged as follows, hoping to give you a wake up.

1. the manned basket has not been designed and accepted and put into use without authorization.

2. crane driver attention is not concentrated when working, not careful inspection at work, not ringing before driving.

The 3. command signal is incorrect or the conductor wears gloves to direct the crane.

4. when lifting objects, pass through the head.

5. the use of pipeline or not strong beam column as lifting heavy lifting point.

6. winch, electric hoist, crane, elevator, chain and other work before careful inspection, the use of unqualified lifting tools, operation after the end of power failure, or did not lock the operation switch.

7. the hoisting and binding of the object is not firm, the safety factor of the binding rope is not enough, and the angle between the ropes is greater than 90 degrees.

8. object hoisting rope binding and edge objects contact, not pad anti wear pad, contact with smooth objects, not pad anti wear pad.

9. the lifting of the object does not carry out the principle of "inspection, test, inspection, re examination and re lifting".

10. unlicensed lifting machine, elevator, crane and other lifting equipment.

11. use broken strands and broken wires beyond standard wire rope.

12. lifting lighter items, the use of hemp and No. 8 subway line.

In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the hoisting operation of the port crane, it is necessary to take some time to study these illegal operations and avoid them in time so as to ensure the safety of the people's wealth and wealth in two ways.

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