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The Maintenance Contents Of Each Part Of The Gantry Crane

    Gantry cranes are becoming more and more popular, especially in the port, the terminal's lifting work, it played a crucial role. Although the quality and performance of the door crane itself is excellent, but also can not stand for a long time and the impact of harsh environment, so it should be regularly maintained.

    Gantry crane maintenance process, in particular, can not ignore the parts of a pulley group, wheels, sling tools, brakes and so on. As a pulley block in a portal crane, it is important to check regularly whether the rope is worn badly, whether there is a serious crack or whether the pulley is jammed on the shaft.

    And the gantry crane wheels should also be regularly checked, especially the rim and tread and other parts, we should pay attention to see whether it is a serious wear and tear, if beyond the allowable range, but also the parts in a timely manner to replace, to avoid the problem To further expand.

    On the gantry crane sling tool is not to be ignored, not only to check whether it is distorted, but also to determine whether the wire rope is broken beyond the allowable range. If there are parts have reached the retirement standard, it must be timely replacement, to prevent the occurrence of the accident.

    As a safety device in a gantry crane, once the brake fails, the consequences will be very serious, so it must ensure that its performance is good, thus reducing the incidence of failure. In addition, there is a need to focus on maintenance is the door crane that need to lubricate the parts, pay attention to add lubricant.