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The Most Romantic Crane Hotel In The World, Next To It Is The Coastline.


Krane is located at the port of Nordhavn in Copenhagen and is transformed by a coal crane.It looks very industrial from the outside.


The interior decoration is a modern minimalist style, mainly wood, concrete and leather furniture.

It's not the most luxurious, but it's very pleasant to enjoy the SPA, SPA and sea view at the SPA.

Especially in the Danish summer, the sun shines from 5am to 10pm and along the coastline, the light is very soft and plentiful.


Even in stormy weather, there seems to be an incredible beauty.

Most importantly, Krane can be rented, no matter how long.

And the service is very considerate.The head of the car and staff will be assigned to the airport to pick up the breakfast.Of course, you can also rent a spa or meeting room alone if you're a single dog.