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The Structure Of Overhead Crane

A overhead crane is mainly used for stationary sites such as workshops, warehouses, material yard, etc.. This is mainly due to the mobility check, which generally consists of three major components:

1, metal structure part:

Mainly used for the installation of machinery and electrical equipment, to bear lifting weight, weight, wind and large car brake stopped when the inertia force. For bridge cranes, there are horizontal girders and large moving end beams; for gantry cranes, there are horizontal girders, big cars, running beams and supporting legs.

2, machinery (work mechanism) part:

Lifting mechanism. It is the most basic and important mechanism of crane, which is responsible for the rise and fall of goods.

Trolley running mechanism. Cause the lifting cargo to move back and forth in the horizontal main beam.

Cart running mechanism. Cause the hoisted cargo to move back and forth in the direction of the cart. When the cart and the car cooperate with each other, they can make sure the goods are moved randomly in the rectangular work area, and the goods are placed in any position in the work area to meet the requirements of the operation.

3. Electrical equipment:

The utility model comprises a cart and a trolley, a collector, a protective disc, a controller, a resistor, an electric motor, a lighting device, an electric circuit, and various safety protection devices, etc.