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The Use Of European Cranes

European crane in China basically used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, military, automotive, aviation, machine etc., in the chemical industry, smelting with less protruding from the automotive and aerospace military field, and precision machining. The reliability, durability and quality of the European crane produced by Paavo have been recognized and favored by customers. It not only increases the utilization ratio on the space, but also greatly reduces the maintenance cost. 

The European crane is generally divided into general grab crane, bridge crane, explosion-proof electric crane, electromagnet crane and so on. To buy European cranes, please directly to Jiangyin Paavo Special Hoisting Machinery Co., ltd.. We have been working to meet the actual needs of customers, provide the better service experience for customers, for customers to achieve long-term value creation, the "customer first" philosophy has always been throughout our entire organization and operation system. We ensure high quality products and services for our customers through continuous management change and efficient process operation.