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What Are The Inspection Of Cantilever Cranes?

In the cantilever hoisting construction, the equipment must be regularly checked, so as to ensure the safety of its construction.

(1) daily inspection. Routine maintenance of the driver responsible for the operation, the main content of cleaning, hygiene, lubrication, transmission parts, adjustment and fastening work. By testing the sensitivity and reliability of the safety device, monitoring whether there is abnormal sound in operation.

(2) weekly examination. Conducted jointly by the maintenance workers and drivers, in addition to daily inspection items, Jiangsu manufacturers introduced the main contents of cantilever crane machinery is a visual inspection, check the hook, extract device, wire rope safety status, brake, clutch, emergency alarm device sensitivity, reliability, running through observation transmission components there is no abnormal noise, and overheating.

(3) monthly examination. Conducted jointly by the safety management department of equipment inspection and with the use of sector related personnel, in addition to the weekly inspection content, Jiangsu manufacturers of cantilever crane lifting power system, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, operation mechanism, hydraulic state detection system, replacement of wear, deformation, cracks, corrosion of electrical parts check the feed device, control system, controller, overload protection and safety protection device is reliable. Through the test operation check the lifting machinery leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other causes of the symptoms of failure. Through observation, the structure, support and transmission parts of the crane are detected subjectively, and the technical status of the crane is mastered, and the fault source of the abnormal phenomenon is checked and checked.

(4) annual inspection. Led by the unit equipment safety management department plays a leading role, with the relevant departments jointly, except the monthly inspection of the project, the main technical parameters of detection of crane reliability test, through testing instrument of hoisting machinery, the working mechanism of wear of moving parts, metal structure, weld test inspection, through the test of safety device Jiangsu and parts of the cantilever crane hoisting technology manufacturers to evaluate the condition of equipment operation. Arrange overhaul, renovation and renewal plan.