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What Kind Of Equipment Does The European Crane Contain?

The European style crane has been formed in recent years. Its main purpose is to distinguish the domestic, Soviet and traditional cranes. The main types include bridge cranes, retail Cranes, explosion-proof cranes and so on, European style cranes combination of good, specifications, product range is complete, can cover most of the customer demand.

The traditional domestic car lifting performance parameters is relatively simple, the weight is only 5t-100t coverage, working level is generally M5 and M6 two, lifting and running speed can be the choice, control mode is relatively backward, the control performance is poor, the user choose narrow range, need to add some special functions are often difficult to meet the EW series; European crane using standardized, modular design, full range of products, can according to the customer demand design, the weight covers 6.3t-400t, working class is M3-M7, there are 5 optional lifting speed, the car running speed variable frequency adjustable lifting height, coverage of 9m-60m, to meet the needs of customers of various special conditions.