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What Should We Do When The Port Crane Appears To Gnaw Rail?

Port crane has become an indispensable hoisting equipment in engineering, construction and other fields, therefore, its safety is very important. Once the rail gnawing accident occurs, it will cause serious crane accident. The main reason for gnawing rail is that the track of rail is caused by the technical parameters such as the coincidence degree of rail, inclination, gauge and so on.

Nowadays, relying solely on the traditional inspection method has great limitations, it is difficult to achieve, to gnaw rail to make preventive measures. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the application of rail biting technology. It can be adjusted by electrical method, but it can not completely remove the gnawing rail, and can only be adjusted in a small range, so the longer the operation time is, the more obvious the effect is.

It can also reduce the expense of various equipment and reduce the confrontation between the billet and the billet. In addition, you can also prevent the body deformation, to protect the body, track, beams, and ensure the safety work of crane.

In addition to the above two methods, the prevention of rail biting technology can also be prevented by stiffness. Such as: the main selection of horizontal stiffness and stiffness change box excellent beam planning; two level platform supporting role, increase the horizontal stiffness of the bridge; the diaphragm bias rail box girder strengthened into transverse structure in the horizontal plane planning; main girder and end girder rigid connection, a frame of planning.

There will be a lot of negative impact on the normal work of the port crane after the gnawing rail, we will continue to gnaw rail phenomenon for more in-depth analysis and research, in order to bring more and better solutions for everyone.