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Brief introduction of single girder gantry crane

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Brief introduction of single girder gantry crane

The gantry crane is a deformation of the bridge crane. Mainly used for outdoor freight yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations. Its metal structure like a door frame, carrying the main beam under the installation of two legs, you can walk directly on the ground track, the main beam at both ends can have extended cantilever beam. The gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and versatility. It is widely used in the port freight yard.

Classification of gantry cranes:

First, by the door frame structure 1. The whole gantry crane: the main beam without overhang, the car in the main span within; 2. Half-door crane: leg height difference, according to the use of the site of the civil requirements may be. 3. Double cantilever gantry crane: the most common form of a structure, the structure of the force and the effective use of the site area are reasonable. 4. Single Cantilever Gantry Crane: This form of structure is often chosen for the limits of the site.

Second, the main beam structure

A truss beam

    The use of angle or I-beam welded from the structure, the advantages of low cost, light weight, good wind resistance. However, due to the welding points and the shortcomings of the truss itself, the truss beams also have the advantages of large deflection, low rigidity, relatively low reliability, and frequent detection of solder joints. Applicable to the safety requirements of the lower, from the smaller weight of the site.

Box girders

    The use of steel welded into a box structure, with high security, high stiffness and so on. Generally used for large tonnage and oversized tonnage gantry cranes. Box girders also have high cost, since the major, poor wind resistance and other shortcomings.

Third, the main beam form

Single girder

   Single girder gantry crane is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and install, its own quality is small, the main beam for the partial rail box frame structure. Compared with the double girder gantry crane, the overall stiffness is weaker. Therefore, when the weight Q ≤ 50t, span S ≤ 35m, this form can be used. Single girder gantry crane has two types of L-type and C-type. L-type manufacturing easy installation, the force is good, their own quality is small, but the lifting of goods through the legs at the relatively small space. C-shaped feet made of inclined or curved, the purpose is to have a larger horizontal space, so that the goods passed through the feet.

Double main beam

   Double main girder gantry crane carrying capacity, large span, the overall stability of good, variety, but its own quality and the same weight from the single girder gantry crane compared to the larger, the cost is higher. According to the different structure of the main beam, can be divided into box beam and truss two forms. Generally use box-like structure.

Gantry crane safety protection

1. Overload limiter

2. High quality, long time use, impact resistant polyurethane buffer.

3. Crane stroke limit switch.

4. Loss of pressure protection, wrong phase protection.

5. Emergency stop system.

6. Lifting height limiter.

Gantry crane ordering instructions

About the product: Please inform the following data so that we can confirm your needs faster!

1. Lifting capacity.

2. Span (track center to guide center)

3. Lifting height (hook center ground)

4. Whether the need for external suspension (please provide the length of the outer suspension)

5. Need rails and cables? (Please provide run length)

6. Other special requirements

If you have more details, please tell us that we will give you more accurate price!

We serve:

1, one-on-one service We hope you get the best buying experience.

2, through the strong production capacity and professional workers, we assure you that while maintaining high quality products at the same time the shortest production cycle.

3, strict factory inspection, to ensure that your high-quality products.

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