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classification of gantry crane

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Ordinary gantry crane: this crane is the most widely used, which can carry various components and bulk materials. The weight is below 100 tons and the span is 4 ~ 35 meters.

The ordinary door crane with grab bucket has higher working level.

Gantry crane: it is mainly used for hoisting and closing gates, and also for installation.

The weight is 80 ~ 500 tons, and the span is smaller, which is 8 ~ 16 meters.

The lifting speed is low, 1 ~ 5 m/min.

This kind of crane is not often hoisted, but it is very heavy when it is used, so it is necessary to raise the level of work properly.

Building gantry crane: used for building the hull of the ship's platform, there are two crane trolley: one has two main hook, and it runs on the track of the flange of the bridge.

The other one has a main hook and a pair of hooks, which run on the track of the lower flange of the bridge, so that it can flip and lift large hull sections.

The weight is generally 100 ~ 1500 tons;

The span is 185 meters;

The lifting speed is 2 ~ 15m/min and 0.1 ~ 0.5 m/min.

Container gantry crane: used for container terminal.

Staying-time of quay wall container transport bridge are discharged from the ship after the container to the yard or rear, stacking up or direct loading away from container gantry crane, can accelerate the turnover of or other container transport bridge crane.

It can be piled high 3 ~ 4 layers, wide 6 rows of container yard, usually with the tire type, also useful and track type.

The container gantry crane has a larger span and the height of the door frame than the container straddling.

The crane has a higher working level in order to meet the transportation needs of the port.

The lifting speed is 35 ~ 52 m/min;

Span across the number of container line according to need to decide, 60 meters, maximum "single box" homework container lifting weight is about 40.5 tons, respectively, "double 20 feet box" homework up the weight of 61 tons and 61 tons of two specifications.

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