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Correct repair leakage problem of bridge crane

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Bridge crane is a wide range of use, a large number of lifting machinery, in the indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, railway transportation, steel and chemical industry, ports and docks and logistics turnover departments and places have been widely used.

And once the bridge crane failure, how to deal with it?

For the bridge crane, different faults show their corresponding solutions are also different, if because of frequent operation, many reverse emergency stop and stop caused by the crane reducer and active wheel wear, leakage.

So the traditional method is mainly to repair or brush plating machining after repair, but the welding high temperature thermal stress can not be completely eliminated, prone to bending or fracture;

And brush plating is limited by coating thickness, easy to flake, and the above two methods are metal repair metal, under the combined action of various forces, will cause re-wear.

To effectively solve the bridge crane this kind of problem, more is given priority to with polymer composite materials to repair, this material has strong adhesion, excellent comprehensive properties such as compressive strength, thermal stress have neither repair welding, repair the thickness is not restricted, and the product of metal materials do not have rolled back, can absorb the impact of vibration equipment, avoid wear and tear, and greatly prolong the service life of equipment components.

If bridge crane trolley reducer due to vibration, wear and tear, pressure, temperature and other factors, the joint surface static seal parts often appear leak phenomenon, is also used as polymer composite material field leakage of governance, can free disassembly, and materials have excellent adhesion, oil resistance, and 350% of the tensile strength, good to overcome the effects of reducer vibration.

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