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Crane in use of its main beam attention

- Nov 30, 2018 -

The main beam is the main force component in the crane metal structure, its maintenance work is directly related to the safety and performance of the crane, so pay more attention to use.

At the same time, before using the crane, the no-load test should be carried out.


When using a crane, it is necessary to avoid sharp start, braking and collision with another crane, because this sharp action will cause the bridge to produce a large amount of additional dynamic load.

At the same time, the deflection of the girder is measured regularly, and the i-beam single-girder crane is used to verify whether the girder exceeds the specified deformation.

Don't forget to check the crane girder stress components and welding seam of hanging car, when welding crack is found, should immediately stop using, then there will be cracks weld root out, with excellent quality electrode welding, heavy welding should pay attention to the process, to ensure the welding quality and prevent the welding deformation, and check the main girder and the connecting bolts of hanging car whether there is loose phenomenon.

When the crane girder is found to have residual deformation should also immediately stop using, after research, i-beam crane parameters, the development of repair methods.

After the repair or reinforcement of the main beam, the test run shall be carried out. The supplier of i-beam single-beam crane shall use the test run method as described above after passing the test.

Crane no-load test, first) with the hand rotation of the brake wheel of each mechanism, so that the last shaft rotation one week can not be stuck phenomenon.

And let the trolley go back and forth along the track three times, at this time, the wheels should not slip significantly.

Active wheels should be in contact over the full length of the track.

Start and brake should be normal and reliable.

Limit switches operate accurately.

The bumper on the trolley is in an accurate position to bump the head on the bridge.

Qualified after the operation of the crane ground button box, so that the empty hook up, down three times, the action of the switch should be accurate and reliable.

Finally, the electric hoist trolley is driven to the middle of the span, and the crane walks along the whole length of the workshop twice to verify the frame and track, and then walks back and forth at the rated speed for three times to check the working quality of the walking mechanism.

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