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Crane's numerous anti - wind climbing device, you know a few of them?

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Crane this kind of large equipment is generally installed in the outdoor, so the crane on the wind and climbing device is very necessary.Do you know which parts of the crane are windproof?Let STONIMAGE crane give us a systematic introduction.

The common windbreak and crawler device of crane can be divided into three types: rail clamp, anchor device and iron shoe.Depending on the type of action, there are automatic and non - automatic wind protection role of two.One of the automatic wind protection device of high degree of automation, even in the case of equipment stop running or sudden power failure, the device can automatically work.

However, the automatic windbreak also has some defects, such as complicated structure, large volume and weight, and high cost. Therefore, it is only suitable for some large machines.In this regard, the non-automatic wind protection device has advantages, but it is not as simple as the automatic operation, can not cope with relatively large wind and rain.

For small clamping force devices such as manual rail clamping device, more is used in small and medium-sized cranes, if you want to use in large lifting equipment, can use several corrosion protection device, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

In addition, due to the influence of environmental factors, topographic wind may appear in the bridge crane working outdoors. Coupled with the strong wind force of this wind, the crane will slide for a long distance, and may crash the stop at the end of the track, causing derailment or falling accident.So install a windbreak rail clamp and anchor device or iron shoes to make sure everything is safe.

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